I am so glad to have you here!

My name is Lauren, and I am the heart behind the lens of Lauren Grace Photography L.L.C. There are a few things I think you should know about me as a person:

  • I see every human being as being made in the imago Dei,
  • I love LOVE in all its shapes and forms,
  • In everything I do, my primary mission is to serve God and others in whatever way I can.

So, what does this mean for my role as your photographer?

As your photographer, I will seek to serve you as best as I possibly can. I want for you to be able to look at your images and hear the laughs, feel the love, and relive the precious moments in life. I want to capture your beauty, vulnerability, and your heart - whatever that looks like.

Life is sometimes crazy and messy and yet beautiful all the time, and my favorite passion is documenting the movements and emotions of messy three dimensional life in the form of still, peaceful, and vulnerable two dimensional images.

“Preserve your memories. Keep them well. What you forget you can never retell.”