Hi, I am Lauren.

Here is my mission:

I believe whole-heartedly in the importance of viewing others through Jesus’ lens of love, and this is how I seek to serve my clients. I want to photograph you through the lens of love through which the Lord sees you. In Him, you are fully knownfully lovedworthy, and free indeed. My goal is to capture whatever stage of life you find yourself in–senior year of high school, graduating college, newly engaged, soon-to-be married, eight miraculous months pregnant, or raising a mini-van full of munchkins–with these four truths evident. 

Life is sometimes crazy and messy and yet beautiful all the time, and my favorite passion is documenting the movements and emotions of messy three dimensional life in the form of still, peaceful, and vulnerable two dimensional images.

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“Preserve your memories. Keep them well. What you forget you can never retell.”